Lexie's New Hair is an early Macromedia Flash 8 animation created by Alexandria Lewis. It was published on Newgrounds on September 12, 2018 at 10:39 PM EDT and uploaded to YouTube on the same day. September 12 is Alexandria's birthday and she created it for the celebration. It was her 16th birthday.

Haircut thumbnail

Plot Edit

On December 13, 2017, a long-haired Lexie is tired of the problems with her old hair and decides to cut it. She visits the Jaspé Salon and chooses the pixie cut, a women's short hairstyle.

After the haircut is finished, she is overwhelmed and adores the hair.

The next day at E.W. Grove High School, all her friends are amazed by Lexie's haircut. At home, her mom asks her how everyone thought of her daughter's hair, and Lexie replies that they loved it.

Lexie thinks about all the easier things about her pixie cut at the end.

Trivia Edit

  • This animation is sort of like a silent film style.
  • Lexie does not speak nor everyone else in the video, only in text.
  • This was the final video of Lexie's Jersey design. The design also had a tiny part of the upcoming Skatepunk design. (black hoodie and short hair)
  • The music that plays during the video is "Don't Follow" by Alice In Chains.
  • Grove was Alexandria's 9th grade school.
  • Jaspé Salon was the place Alexandria got her first pixie cut.
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